Thursday, August 13, 2009

Amanda Jean - Pittsburgh, PA

I meet Amanda a street over from my boy's house - she is someone I am genuinely excited about shooting: she is tied with all of the shortest girls ive shot with, ( tiny at 4'11, but which ive learned to work)- and has a very classically pretty face with bright reddish pink hair that adds edge - and is the same color mine was for a little while in high school (woohoo, black light reflective little mermaid hair!)

Her one specific request is a picture for teen vogue magazine displaying personal style, so we have at that--as is I am loving not only her hair but her tats, and am ultimately jealous of the '412' under her ear - the area code for most Pittsburgh numbers, the city I have most fallen in love with in my travels.

I am also in love with all of her clothes, and as one of her interests was designing, I had her bring a ton of clotheshangers to rock a shot with them and the extra clothes she brought along - which her boyfriend dutifully carried to our set (boys ARE useful from time to time)
(-as we are shooting he gets the text at Michael Jackson died - and I am informed of this by my next two models and boy - news travels so fast!)

The heat is hardly bearable, so we ended up taking a break to find a gas station/drink machine. THe GPS, as is not uncommon, leads us astray, but we finally spot a drink machine on the corner of the ghetto, stocked, of course, with orange and grape soda--and a picture of blue mountain dew which I bought, but of course it was the red (that stuff is so sweet, how do you STAND it??)

As we resume shooting, a group of the typical middle-aged black men who have a tendancy of interrupting my shoots pass by and begin to holler at Amanda - then begin making remarks about the tattoo on her thigh, which is half covered by her dress since it goes almost to her waist; they begin interrogating her as to what it is, if they can see the whole thing, etc. etc. and dont let go - so she lifts her dress enough to show off the tattoo--
and they begin hollering, 'oh my LORD, WOW, oh, thank you so much you just made an OLD man see!" they finally begin dissapearing down the street, the echoes of 'AN OLD MAN SEE' following them and dying out -

I absolutely loved the pictures of Amanda, and my only critique to her is to be less self conscious about her face, because it is gorgeous! and it accept her flaws, because everyone has them and they only really make her stand out.
Lovely face, eyes, lips and cheekbones - don't doubt yourself girl!