Saturday, June 6, 2009

Danielle Olsen - Arlington, MA

I would like to travel back in time and talk about my first shoot in MA - with Danielle Olsen, last Saturday May 30. I stepped off the bus from Rochester NY sometime around 9:30 (an 11 hour journey if you count the 3 hour layover in Syracuse), saw that my mother had parked exactly next to the same model of the car I had just droven for the last time in Rochester and still hated letting go of(pointed it out and she demanded, 'how come this one's still on the road?!') well, in other words, this left me to borrow my parents' car , a honda odyssey minivan. The pressure of the gas pedal was so different, I was initially afraid to travel to my shoots, thinking that driving the car made me nervous - but it turns out it's driving the car with MY MOTHER that makes me nervous.
Either way, I am definitely too small for a minivan.

more relevantly, I arrived about two hours later in Bedford (the town I lived as an infant) and met Danielle from Arlington MA. She had only casual images in her portfolio and looked like your average pretty high school girl - in person though, I have to say, she really did look like a model - and 5'8, too.

I couldn't have been more impressed with the manner in which the angles of her face photographed. I probably could have been a little more impressed with her ability to focus. Her boyfriend standing off to the side and not even making funny faces the way many of the escorts I've had the wonderful pleasure of encountering do made her laugh quite a few times in the beginning.

But, I'm just kidding, I mean, Danielle was mild mannered, easy going, didnt mind sitting on construction vehicles and crouching by puddles in heels and a dress. At one point I was going to use this large bird house at the edge of someone's lawn (had some really cool bird phobia ideas, duh) until I realized there was a camera just under the roof pointing towards the street; which sucked, because I really wanted to steal it, and maybe throw some eggs and toilet paper on the sidewalk first.

Well, I will just reitterate that Danielle was a dream to photograph and a sweet girl, probably one of the few if not only models I've worked with that could actually make it into the fashion business (since she's mostly got the height) and has a face that is reminscent of a particular model I can't recall the name of, I believe from a Ralph Lauren ad - but if not, she does look like she could be a Ralph Lauren model anyway.

And, that's a wrap!
....mmmmm... wrap...

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