Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sophia Pamela - Exeter NH


Sophia is exactly what her profile states - a blond bombshell. She has hair that is practically as long as she is tall (though at five foot flat, perhaps that isn't saying so much) and eyes that sear in the sun. I remark, as she is posing, that sheis lucky she can do some much with her hair;
"I can put it in a braid," she says proudly. "yeah, that's about it. I usually just mess it up and call it a day."

But I am skipping ahead; let's start at the meet-up; she is coming from around Manchester New Hampshire and im on the border between Andover, MA and Salem NH, so we decide to meet at the mall in the latter. She calls saying she will be slightly late and then gets lost (not atypical of myself so I really couldn't be angry) and thus I begin scouting the area for cool locations and mentally planning things out;
she arrives and prepares, and then because we are girls we of course both have to use the bathroom; so we scour the mall(a really big one if you havent been there) and come out at the entire opposite end. I point out a rock wall under the parking garage which I feel will be a good place to begin - and we begin preparing. Her outfit consists of fishnet leggings with booty shorts, and though she is tentative to dismantle into such in the middle of a somewhat public area, she does - and as I am light testing we notice the security guards, about 50 yards away and 20 yards up on a platform, demanding to know what we are doing. I hold up my camera, but we decide to relocate anyway --

until we are stopped short as a security guard appears in a car, and asks us to step aside and talk.

he explains that we are on private property and in legal violation in terms of tresspassing, "and," he adds, 'possibly bordering on 'indecent exposure'
i think both of our jaws dropped; we proceeded to explain that we were photography students working on our final portfolios (the usual conjured excuse for such situations), but he asked us to wait for his manager, and in the next half hour, they lectured us, then took sophias name, photo, and told her she was not allowed to return to the mall for a total of three months; then they escorted us to our vehicles.

the plan was for her to follow me out until i could find somewhere to pull over and we would talk; honestly, I thought shed do a Uie and speed back to wherever it was she came from never to be seen or heard from by me ever again -- but she follows me around several parking lots as I turn into places that do not lead to exits and loop several times, then finally scour my way out of the parking lot;

we found somewhere to stop, discussed our situation, were unanimously unable to register what had just happened at the mall (I have been in plenty of places I was not supposed to be for photoshoots and shot girls wearing far less in public, and never experienced anything as remotely dramatic) -- and then we headed out again--it took us a long long time to find somewhere private enough to shoot, but the rest, as they say, is history - dutifully recorded in the form of photographs


  1. He, He. Reminds of a time we were shooting out by a lake in Minnesota in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly a policeman arrived with similar complaints, except that we really were in the middle of nowhere. But he said the "neighbors" were disturbed and complaining about public nudity. We scratched our heads, wondering where these "neighbors" were, but were very polite, cooperative and professional. While he called us all in on the radio, we sat around waiting to find out what would happen next.

    He seemed to take a liking to us and so while we were waiting asked where these neighbors were. We honestly thought we were as far from people as possible. He said they were on the other side of the lake. But that was more than a quarter mile away! "How in the world could they have seen us from so far away?" we asked. He replied, "Well, I thought that was a little strange myself, but evidently they were watching through their telescope!"

    Keep up the good work,


  2. haha! yeah, there have been a handful of times I've encountered security guards/policeman, but they are always polite and understanding--perhaps because so far all but one have all been in Rochester NY where my school, RIT, is an infamous photo school and as above I always claim I am a photo student.