Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mary - Methuen MA

On Thursday, June 4th, I have the pleasure of shooting with Mary. After we confirm that I am not an Andover yuppy , I have her break out the outfits; I love pretty much everything she’s brought – and her shoes are absolutely to die for (as with a good proportion of the models I shoot with, we are unanimous shoe whores, and thus off to a good start).
Mary is a beginning model like many of the girls I shoot with, but 5’8 and skinny with mile long legs that go all the way to the floor (as my friend Sasha puts it), and in other words, perfect for the industry.
She notes that she is a dancer, at which point I hear “I am good at changing quickly in public locations” and also, “I can rock some mean figure poses”.
She is also the only girl that has a killer location in mind already and we meet at a seminary (what the hell is a seminary?!) in her hometown of Methuen so that we can walk to castle grounds. Unlike probably any other girl I’ve shot with, she doesn’t mind the walk not only back and forthe about eight minutes each way between outfit changes AND in heels up and down rough foliage and dirt – and, a final difference, she isn’t afraid of spiders, which I happen to adore (hence the tattoo of one on my ankle).
The girl is great, to sum up, an artist as well who seems impressed that I have heard of complementary colors – and with total agreeance about some shots with her colored pencils, parasole, and car as a pin up model (a style she exclaims that she is in absolutely love with) the shoot is rockin.

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